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The Best Phin Filters to Make Vietnamese Drip Coffee

  • 3 min read

What makes the Vietnamese phin coffee different and unique?

The Vietnamese phin filter, the phin coffee drip, whatever you like to call it – is your new favorite coffee brew tool. Why? For starters, the phin filter is sustainable as it requires no paper filters or extra resources outside of hot water and coffee grounds. It’s also portable due to its compact size, meaning you can take it easily with you on camping trips, to your friend’s house, to work, wherever. Try doing that with an espresso machine or a pour over coffee maker.

What makes Vietnamese coffee strong or stronger than regular coffee?

Don’t let size fool you, though: the phin filter packs a mighty punch that’s somewhere between a French press and an Italian espresso -- we like to describe it as a "Vietnamese espresso." With a 2:1 ratio of water to coffee, phin brewed coffee is concentrated yet smooth. Even more exciting? Phin filters come in different sizes! We have three sizes of phin filters, all produced by a woman-owned team in Vietnam using food-grade stainless steel. 

In addition, when using Vietnamese robusta coffee beanswith your phin filter, you're sure to get extra strong caffeine since robusta beans have up to 2 times more caffeine than arabica coffee beans. 

What is the best phin coffee method for me?

Having trouble deciding which phin filter is right for you? We’re here to help you find the perfect phin filter for your needs.

First, how much coffee is in a phin?

If you drink one cup of coffee a day or don’t have a large household of coffee drinkers, then our signature 4 oz phin filter is the perfect choice for you. This Vietnamese coffee maker brews the precise amount of coffee every time. If you want to lighten your coffee or increase your volume, we recommend pouring an additional 2-4 oz of water for a second brew with the coffee grounds– this makes for a smooth, slightly less concentrated cup that’s still packed with flavor and boldness.

How do you use a Vietnamese drip coffee maker for bigger servings?

For those who enjoy more than a cup of coffee a day or just want a little more in their cup, our 12 oz phin filter may be your best choice. Use this medium phin filter to batch brew (drink ⅓ or ½ and save the rest for later) or to brew for you and a loved one at once. There’s no need to do a second brew or wait longer for more coffee when you can brew it all at once!

How do you use a phin coffee filter for more than one person?

Finally, for big households and major caffeine fiends, our 24 oz phin filter is calling your name. This large phin filter makes 6 cups of Vietnamese coffee at once whether you’re brewing for later or brewing for a big group at once. As with any phin filter, you can do a second brew for even more coffee. We recommend this deluxe phin filter for those who have more than 3 cups of coffee a day or and for large groups. 

Still not sure about which size phin filter is the right one for you? You’re in luck! Try out all three of our phin filters and save when you get our trio. That way, you have a phin filter for any occasion whether it’s just you having coffee or you’re entertaining friends and family. Each of our phin filters works identically– just add coffee grounds, hot water, and brew! Also, be sure to handle with care and avoid scratching them with abrasive scrubs when cleaning. 

Ultimately, there’s a phin filter for everyone. Those looking for a solo cup of coffee will find that our small 4 oz Phin Filter is just right. Those wanting more can opt for our medium 12 oz Phin Filter or our large 24 oz Phin Filter. Happy brewing!


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