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The perfect bean

Me and mom just enjoyed the Nguyen phin drip experience. Wow. Proud of your work. We without hesitation enjoy the Vietnamese coffee and recommend your products. Thank-you to the Nguyen staff and tradition. From Canada eh!

Marc B

Verified Customer

What is Different About Vietnamese Coffee?

February 19, 2021 3 min read

What is Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is coffee made with coffee beans grown in Vietnam. Around the world, “Vietnamese coffee” has also been understood as a brewing style, preparation, and flavor profile – namely including sweetened condensed milk and the phin drip method with very strong coffee. While this is a true part of the Vietnamese diasporic experience, we here at Nguyen Coffee Supply strive to expand the understanding of Vietnamese coffee to include its core roots, Vietnamese coffee beans grown by Vietnamese people in Vietnam. By doing so, we celebrate Vietnamese coffee as a bean and its expansive potential to be enjoyed in a wide range of brew methods and drink recipes.

What makes Vietnamese coffee different and unique?

Over 90% of all coffee grown in Vietnam is robusta, which is gaining popularity in the West. Did you know that Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world? Vietnam is famous for its robusta beans and is the #1 producer of robusta beans in the world. This means that A LOT of people in the world are drinking coffee made from beans grown in Vietnam, but may not know it -- which means it’s actually a very familiar and beloved flavor profile!

Because of its bean composition and growing conditions, Vietnamese coffee often has bolder, nuttier flavor profiles compared with the bright and fruity notes that you often find in specialty arabica coffee from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. They contain higher antioxidant properties and have 60% less sugar and fats than arabica beans, which makes them a bolder and stronger brew. As such, robusta beans often have earthier flavor notes like chocolate and nuts with deeper mouthfeels. For folks who love some milk or cream with their coffee -- robusta beans are a creamer’s best friend! They also make some of the best espresso thanks to the amount of crema that they yield.

differences between robusta and arabica coffee

Vietnamese coffee is naturally stronger

Vietnamese robusta beans contain nearly twice the caffeine amount of arabica coffees found from most countries. A little goes a long way. Most people who experience Vietnamese coffee know it is notorious for being very strong and very bold. The best part about Vietnamese coffee being doubly caffeinated, with robusta beans containing twice as much caffeine content than arabica beans. Natural caffeine gives a clean boost of energy that's great for increasing focus and productivity. Keep in mind that jitters or crashes are heightened with the addition of sugar and sweeteners to coffee drinks. 

Vietnamese coffee is more sustainable

Most coffee grown around the world requires very specific conditions in order to yield a good crop. Arabica coffee must be grown at high altitudes and tropical climates. Robusta coffee on the other hand can grow anywhere between sea level and high altitudes.

Additionally, robusta beans are naturally more resistant to diseases and pests due to their higher concentrations of caffeine that act as natural insecticides and protectants. As a result, robusta coffee trees also tend to produce higher yields on less land all the while requiring less exact conditions overall. This makes robusta efficient in terms of ecology and economy!

Vietnamese coffee tastes delicious

Anyone who has had Vietnamese coffee will tell you it’s unlike anything else. Due to the Vietnam's climate, bean composition and phin filter brewing method, traditional Vietnamese coffee distinguishes itself from most coffee around the world. Vietnamese coffee is strong and bold with very deep flavors and complex flavor notes that can be simultaneously sweet, refreshing, savory, and earthy.


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