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vietnamese phin filter master guide nguyen coffee supply
vietnamese phin filter master guide nguyen coffee supply

What is a Phin Filter?

The phin filter is the traditional method of brewing coffee in Vietnam. It is made of stainless steel or aluminum, much like a moka pot, but is much thinner and lighter. It is also frequently referred to as a “Vietnamese coffee press” or "Vietnamese coffee maker." 

It consists of four essential parts:

1. The brewing chamber, which is where the coffee and water go;

2.The gravity press, which goes on top of the coffee grinds;

3. The filter plate, which works by letting you place on top of a cup, mug or even carafe;

4. And lastly, the filter lid which goes on top of the brewing chamber and doubles as a coaster after brewing is completed. 

The phin filter has many advantages. One of its distinct advantages is that instead of using a paper filter, it uses a metal filter— which, incidentally, is built-in. Both the brewing chamber and the filter plate act as metal filters. In an industry that produces an inconceivably high quantity of waste, the phin filter stands out for not needing paper filters or even replaceable metal ones.  

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The phin filter is a great tool for making all sorts of coffee— particularly Vietnamese iced coffee, which has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years outside of Vietnam.

Phin filter brewed coffee can be enjoyed black, with milk, iced, or however you enjoy your cup of coffee!

The whole process takes about 6 minutes and it’s completely hands-off. You can simply pour the water and come back in five minutes and your coffee will be waiting for you. Gravity and hot water do their job well with this brew tool.

Watch our video on how to use a phin filter and how to make the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee!


Watch as our Founder Sahra Nguyen demonstrates how to brew the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee while answering common questions and troubleshooting issues using a Vietnamese phin filter. From the amount of coffee to the time metrics for the phin filter, she covers all the steps needed to ensure that every cup of coffee you brew is delicious.


The phin filter does not require paper filters, meaning less waste is produced! You can take it anywhere to brew delicious coffee.


Phin filter brewed coffee is strong, bold, complex, and incredibly smooth. It's called "Vietnamese espresso" for a reason!


The phin filter is one of the most straightforward, easy-to-use coffee brewing methods that makes the perfect cup of coffee in under 6 mnutes every time.


Phin filters are delicate. Although they're dishwasher safe, those who hand wash them must also take care of them accordingly. Normal wear and tear occurs as with any kitchen object, but proper care will ensure that your phin filter lasts and works indefinitely. Always wash your phin filter with the soft side of a sponge or using a towel – never scrub the phin filter with the abrasive side of a sponge or anything like steel wool. Sharp metal and abrasions against delicate metal do not make a good combination and will result in expedited wear and tear of the phin filter.

Maintaining your phin filter

How do you clean and take care of a phin filter? Follow our visual guide on how to maintain and care for your phin filter so that it lasts a lifetime. Hand washing highly recommended!


Portability. Unlike most brewing methods, the phin filter is extremely portable. It’s made with very resistant materials and yet it’s also quite lightweight and small.  

Ease of use. The phin filter is straightforward. There aren’t really any complicated parts and not a lot of thinking involved. There isn’t a steep learning curve like there is with other methods; after a couple of tries, you’ll get the hang of it!

Easy to clean. No need to worry about reaching nooks and crannies. Rinsing gently with water and soap does the job in most cases. 

Sustainability. Phin filters require no single-use filters are a win for you and for the health of the planet!

Reusability. Aluminum and stainless steel, the two most typical materials used to manufacture phin filters, can be reused virtually indefinitely. The phin filter is a small investment that will continue to make good coffee for you for decades to come! 

Versatility. Coffee brewed using a phin filter is, no bias, at an optimal level of concentration and intensity. The phin filter is an all-purpose coffee brewer with which you can make almost all types of coffee beverages! 


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