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Brew More Vietnamese Coffee with the 12 oz Phin Filter

  • 2 min read

Need more grams for the grind? The 12 oz Phin Filter will brew a bigger cup of coffee while maintaining the strength of “Vietnamese espresso.”  

The perfect brew tool to add to your diverse collection, our 12 oz Phin Filter fits on most mugs and can make 1-2 servings of highly caffeinated brew. 

We recommend a 1:2 ratio of coffee to water. Start with 6 tablespoons of coffee, then you can add or decrease your coffee depending on how strong you like it. 

With the 12 oz Phin, we highly recommend doing a second pour of hot water since some of the water always gets absorbed by the coffee. More brew per bean means more bang for your buck, too!

This Vietnamese brew tool is perfect for your daily grind. With no paper filter, it's sustainable and environmentally friendly, and makes the perfect travel tool. Made from stainless steel, it's designed to last you years (future family heirloom, perhaps?) with proper TLC

Watch the drip while you go about your morning rituals – be sure to watch out for the coffee bloom and adjust accordingly. 

An integral piece of Vietnamese coffee culture, we're honored to share this phin filter with you as part of your daily brew rituals. Whether it's day or night, this brew tool will yield a bold, flavorful cup of beans every time.

Need a visual? Watch our video below.


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