3 Coffee Rituals from Around the World for International Coffee Day

  • 2 min read

Coffee is an international treasure with cultures all around the world consuming it daily. For this year's International Coffee Day, we're celebrating the diversity in coffee with three coffee rituals from around the world. If you're in New York City, you can enjoy these at our favorite, local spots highlighting their traditional coffee cultures.

Ethiopia: Buna with Bunna Cafe

First stop, Bunna Cafe in Bushwick. “Buna” means coffee in Amharic and is at the heart of Ethiopian culture. Buna is a coffee-making ceremony that involves roasting, grinding and brewing beans while celebrating community traditions. While we come for the vegan Ethiopian cuisine, we love to stay for the house-roasted Ethiopian coffee. In pre-pandemic times, Bunna Cafe would host traditional daily coffee ceremonies where they’d wash, roast, and brew coffee using a jebena all while gathering and conversing with the community. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy their coffee and even take some to brew at home.

Malaysia: Kopi Tarik with Kopitiam

You know Vietnamese coffee, but do you know that across Southeast Asia, kopi tarik is a part of millions’ daily lives? Literally translating to “pulled coffee,” kopi tarik is popular in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. While we can’t travel abroad, we can go to Kopitiam in Chinatown where kopi tarik is served. Brewed coffee is pulled (poured from glass to glass) with condensed and evaporated milk to create the signature froth found in kopi tarik. Haven’t tried this? Run, don’t walk to Kopitiam– and don’t forget to pick up some snacks and food as well (nasi lemak and kopi tarik are a perfect combination).

Vietnam: Phin Drip with Cafe Phin

It wouldn’t be a complete International Coffee Day if we didn’t celebrate Vietnamese coffee! From street vendors to specialty coffee shops, Vietnamese coffee culture is booming and we are so proud to be part of the movement to bring that across borders for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s cà phê sữa đá or cà phê trứng, Vietnamese coffee is among the most delicious in the world (change our mind)! At the heart of it all, though, is the phin filter. Nothing beats the intense, bold flavor that phin brewed coffee provides. From blooming the coffee to patiently watching for the first drips, we love phin filter brewing and are proud to bring this piece of our heritage from our lives into yours. While our 4-month pop-up Cafe Phin is no longer around, we hope more people bring the phin brewing experience into their homes.


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