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How to Use & Clean a Vietnamese Phin Filter

  • 2 min read

If you're new to using a Vietnamese phin filter, look no further than here for some quick tips and FAQs that will help elevate your drip game to the next level. 

"Why won't my phin drip?" Or "why is my phin dripping too fast?"

We recommend the first drip from a phin filter to begin around 2 minutes and the last around 5 minutes for optimal coffee brewing and flavor extraction. By no means are you doing it wrong if it's a little bit faster or a little bit slower than that, but there are instances in which a phin filter brews completely in under a minute, or doesn't brew at all for longer than 5 minutes. In these cases, there may be various reasons these could be happening:

  1. Did you grind your own beans? If yes, the beans may be too finely ground, preventing water from flowing through.
  2. Is the phin filter dry? Make sure it's completely dry after washing as water can block the filter holes and prevent extraction.
  3. Are your beans fresh? If you're using our coffee beans, the answer is yes. This also means that the beans could be creating suction within the filter chamber via gravity interacting with the de-gassing of the beans. We recommend allowing the coffee to bloom for about 45 seconds with a small amount of water prior to placing the press in the filter. Alternatively, you can use a spoon or chopstick to lift the filter press for 2 seconds to release the gas and suction – the coffee should brew after. 

"Is my phin filter damaged or rusty?"

Phin filters are delicate. Although they're dishwasher safe, those who hand wash them must also take care of them accordingly. Normal wear and tear occurs as with any kitchen object, but proper care will ensure that your phin filter lasts and works indefinitely. Always wash your phin filter with the soft side of a sponge or using a towel – never scrub the phin filter with the abrasive side of a sponge or anything like steel wool. Sharp metal and abrasions against delicate metal do not make a good combination and will result in expedited wear and tear of the phin filter.


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