The Official Nguyen Coffee Supply Bean Pairing Guide

Written by Alex Nguyen

Maybe you’re new to the coffee game. Maybe you’re not sure what’s best for what. Maybe you just want our personal recommendations on how to brew each of our blends. We’ve made the official and handy one-stop shop for all your Nguyen Coffee Supply brewing needs! 


As our 100% peaberry robusta roast, this is our strongest and boldest bean with twice the caffeine content of arabica and 60% less sugars and fats. As such, we recommend brewing Grit using a drip, phin filter, or espresso to let the flavor of the bean shine through. Those looking for something similar to the coffees made in Vietnam should definitely choose Grit since Vietnam is the leading producer of robusta beans in the world with a coffee culture largely centered around robusta coffee beans. There’s no need for any fancy or technical preparation with this one– let it do its thing naturally. Hot water, ground coffee, and a filter are all you need. For fun drink variations, Grit does nicely in ca phe trung (egg coffee) and ca phe dua (coconut coffee) which have sweet egg or coconut cream that pair nicely with the bold nuttiness of our robusta.


Loyalty is our 50/50 blend of robusta and arabica coffee beans. They’re versatile in nature and complex in flavor as a result of our combining of separately roasted beans. Our favorite brew preparations for this blend are a classic pour over, phin filter, and espresso. The extraction process of espresso with this blend yields a dynamic flavor that permeates through your cup. A Loyalty latte? Don’t mind if we do. With 25% more caffeine content compared to Courage, Loyalty has an extra kick ready for you. Loyalty is similar to a cup of coffee in Vietnam, but slightly softer and sweeter with the complex balance of arabica. Doing well in any number of preparations and drinks, we recommend Loyalty for any first-timers and smooth coffee lovers.


Our 100% arabica coffee bean is nothing short of exciting. With notes of fruit and cacao, the freshness of this blend will please in any preparation. Our favorites for Loyalty include french press, espresso (Courage cappuccino, anyone?), and phin filter. Courage is our sweetest and smoothest coffee as well as our least caffeinated. We especially recommend Courage for lovers of pour over coffee.

You may have noticed that some brew methods appear under each of our blends– that’s because there’s no right way to prepare or enjoy our coffee! Some like it stronger, some like it lighter, and some may like it sweeter. Any of our Vietnamese coffee blends can be prepared in a number of ways depending on each person’s individual preferences. This guide is just a starting point for a first-timer, but we assure you, there is no wrong way here. Our coffee is like any other coffee you’ve had and made, except ours is grown and directly sourced from Da Lat, Vietnam. With that, enjoy your coffee and experiment with different brew styles!


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