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Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

Style: Whole Beans

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  • Robusta beans have nearly 2x more caffeine content
  • 60% less sugar and 60% less fats 
  • 2x more antioxidants than arabica

This is our bestselling blend. Our unique roasting method brings out distinct flavor profiles of each bean for the perfect balance of sweet, smooth, and nutty.

12 oz | Sustainable Direct Trade | Roasted in Brooklyn

Note: Our ground coffee size is fine, dialed in for our phin filters.

Single Origin Arabica & Robusta coffee beans

Flavor Notes:
Cacao, Pomelo, Almond, Smoked Caramel   

Roast Level:

Recommended brews:
Phin, Drip, Espresso, French Press

Customer Reviews

Based on 500 reviews
Michael Howard
A worthwhile investment

First time purchasing Vietnamese coffee and I'm pretty mad at myself for not trying it sooner. Very smooth drinking with cream or black.

Celia Munisteri
Delicious, just right

Very happy with the quality of this purchase.

Fernando Arce Jr
Great Taste!

This is such a flavorful and great tasting coffee. I made cold brew with it. It is so good!

Wayne Knecht
Loyalty coffee beans

This is my time buying Nguyen coffee and making it in a phin.Tried it with the sweet condensed milk and it was pretty good.Then I tried it with just cream and a little raw sugar and then just cream.I like it best with just cream.This coffee makes a very good cup of joe!It really is good no matter how you drink it,even black.

Christine McCullough
Love this coffee!

After using this amazing coffee for a few weeks, the beans I used to use and think were good smell burnt. This coffee is so good it ruined other coffees for me. It’s great brewed black in the phin or with sweetened condensed milk. I will definitely be buying again! Can’t wait to try the other blends.