From the Source: Nguyen Coffee Supply’s Favorite Coffee Shops in Saigon

We often get asked what our favorite coffee shops in Saigon are, so here is our official list of picks and recommendations across the country. With such a diverse and booming specialty coffee scene in Vietnam, this list is neither exhaustive nor complete and we recognize that there are a plethora of many emerging and existing coffee shops and roasters in the city and country that are just as amazing. If you have personal favorites not on this list, leave us a tip! 

First up is The Workshop situated in the heart of District 1. A bit hard to find at first (take the stairs in the empty-looking building), this spot is one of the leading and specialty coffee shops in the city. Offering food and plenty of blends and preparation styles, there’s something for everyone– what’s especially interesting is their blends of Vietnamese beans with other beans such as those from Ethiopia.

Next on our Saigon coffee tour is Bosgaurus Coffee. Here, beans are roasted in-house five days a week. Whereas the majority of beans produced and consumed in Vietnam are robusta, this spot is noteworthy for its emphasis on arabica. Try their arabica sua da if you pay a visit, and note the complexity of their light roasts and terroir in the beans.

Lastly, we stop at La Viet in District 3. With an adventurous menu of coffee concoctions, sleek interiors, and locally sourced Vietnamese beans, La Viet is challenging the perceptions of what Vietnamese coffee means within the local context. More than the street vendors brew out of a plastic cup, this brand highlights not only the bean but elevates it along with the culture and people behind it.


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