Recommended coffee: Courage

Grind size: fine


320 grams of hot water (~11.28 ounces)


22 grams of ground coffee (~1.46 tablespoons)


Suggested: use a scale to measure water pours, or simply estimate. 

  1. Bring water temp 200°F
  2. Clean the filters first. Toss the water.
  3. Scoop 22 grams of coffee (~1.46 tablespoons)
  4. Place set up on scales.
  5. Zero out.
  6. Pour 50 grams of water to bloom (~1.76 ounces)
  7. After 30 seconds, pour to 200 grams (~7 ounces)
  8. Finish off at 320 grams by 1 minute 15 seconds (~11.28 ounces)
  9. Let everything drip.
  10. Enjoy!

There's no wrong way to enjoy your coffee. Try our recommended guide, or freestyle on the water / coffee ratio until you find your personal preference (AKA the perfect cup).