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How We Make Sustainable Coffee

  • 2 min read

Nguyen Coffee Supply is proud to produce sustainable coffee.

At Nguyen Coffee Supply, we pride ourselves on our commitment to environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability. We’re thrilled to be able to champion third-wave coffee, and honored to represent Vietnamese coffee and culture on the world stage. That’s why we’ve outlined our no-nonsense, direct-trade Vietnamese coffee supply chain and the steps we take to ensure we remain culturally sustainable below. 

Environment Sustainability

Our coffee production uses completely organic practices. That means we’re using biofertilizers and no pesticides — and our founder Sahra Nguyen has the bug bites to prove it. Robusta beans are also a more sustainable option in the face of climate change, as they require less resources and are easier to grow than arabica beans. Arabica plants are also far more easily damaged in harsher growing conditions, and are less equipped to fend off pests and parasites than their robusta counterparts. Additionally, robusta beans can also act as a carbon sink when planted alongside other crops. At our coffee farms in Vietnam, there are black pepper plants and curry plants growing on the same land.

Economic Sustainability


Nguyen Coffee Supply is direct trade, which means we build direct relationships with not just our farmer, but his entire extended family of farmers. We’re constantly pushing to elevate the culture and reputation of specialty Vietnamese coffee on a global level so that Vietnamese producers can have more opportunity to improve their quality of production and quality of life. “If the demand for specialty Vietnamese coffee grows, so does the production,” Nguyen explains. “Otherwise, they remain trapped in this economic cycle of ‘cheap coffee’ for ‘cheap coffee products.’”  

Cultural Sustainability


Nguyen Coffee Supply is firmly committed to uplifting and recognizing the hardworking people in Vietnam that make our mission possible. That’s why we talk so much about thephin brewing method, our place within societal contexts of how we consume and drink coffee, and the culture that surrounds Vietnamese coffee. “We promote not just coffee, but also the people and culture behind it,” Nguyen says. “We want to help cultural diversity thrive around the world through the process of sharing, educating, and learning.” 


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