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Nguyen Coffee Supply Founder Sahra Nguyen featured in new Fung Bros Series 'Vietnamese: Culture Table'

  • 1 min read

Nguyen Coffee Supply Founder Sahra Nguyen recently appeared as a guest in The Fung Brothers' new YouTube video series "Culture Table" a new show dedicated to discussing and unpacking all aspects of different Asian-American communities, cultures, and diasporas. In this first episode focusing on Vietnamese culture, Sahra joined the brothers for a roundtable discussion and feast with Michael Nguyen of Asian Not Asian Podcast and Kim Hoang and Quan Ngo of Đi Ăn Đi in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. During their lunch, Sahra and company discussed all things Vietnamese from food, colonial history, legacies of the American war, diaspora stereotypes, and more!

Watch the full video below.


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