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Strawberry Milk Latte with Vietnamese Coffee

  • 1 min read

The Strawberry Milk Latte during our 4-month pop-up, Cafe Phin, was a part of our secret menu. For lovers of comfort and nostalgia, this drink takes you back to playground days, but with an adult flare with the addition of strong Vietnamese coffee.

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You can bring the joys of childhood to your own home.

Check out our easy and delicious recipe below.



  • 0.7 oz condensed milk (sub with simple syrup for non-dairy)
  • 2 teaspoon of Nesquik Strawberry Milk Powder
  • 2 oz milk of choice
  • 3-4 oz phin coffee (Truegrit or Loyalty highly recommended. The bold robusta beans complement the strawberry vibes perfectly!)


  1. Make the phin coffee first. (Need a phin kit? Purchase your phin kit here.)
  2. Weigh out 0.7 oz condensed milk into glass
  3. Add 2 teaspoons of Nesquik Strawberry Milk Powder
  4. Add 0.5 oz of milk
  5. Stir well
  6. Fill glass with ice
  7. Add remaining 1.5 oz of milk
  8. Add 3-4 oz of phin coffee
  9. Stir and enjoy!

Adjust any of of these ratios (more Nesquik, more milk, more coffee, etc.) to meet your personal preferences!

Watch a tutorial below.


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