What is Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is coffee made with coffee beans grown in Vietnam. Vietnamese coffee is most famous for the robusta bean. Vietnam is the #2 producer of coffee in the world, second to Brazil; Vietnam is also the #1 producer of robusta coffee in the world.

What about sweetened condensed milk? 

Sweetened condensed milk is commonly enjoyed with coffee in Vietnam. But condensed milk is not the determining factor of “Vietnamese coffee” beverages. Many people in Vietnam also enjoy their coffee black. 

Most importantly, they should be using coffee beans from Vietnam to call it a Vietnamese coffee beverage. Otherwise, we feel that it becomes unfair to erase the labor of farmers in the actual coffee-producing origin if for example, people use an African bean, add condensed milk, then advertise it as Vietnamese coffee. We also feel that it is unfair to Vietnamese farmers who don't benefit from the transaction that leverages their culture without their labor or product.

Mythbuster:some places add condensed milk to their house coffee (using a South American or African bean) and call it “Vietnamese Coffee” … but this is not correct! That's just their coffee with condensed milk. Many countries including Spain, Malaysia, and Indonesia also enjoy coffee with condensed milk. 

Mythbuster:While Cafe Du Monde is a common and affordable "go-to option" in the immigrant Vietnamese community, it is actually not a Vietnamese brand and it's unclear where they get their beans. In fact, most people in Vietnam have never heard of Cafe Du Monde.

Mythbuster: Cafe Du Monde has a popular brand that adds chicory to their coffee (as a filler to cut the bitterness).  In Vietnam, it is not traditional or common to add chicory to their coffee.

What is the difference between our offerings: Loyalty, Moxy, and Truegrit?

Loyalty is the Nguyen Coffee Supply signature blend -- made with both robusta beans and arabica beans -- for a smooth balance of nutty, chocolatey, and a hint of fruit. It’s designed to be your everyday coffee and tastes amazing as espresso.

Vietnam is most famous for its robusta beans.

Moxy is 100% arabica beans -- which is a lighter and fruitier coffee. It’s also a rare specialty bean of Vietnam since it’s less than 10% of Vietnam’s total coffee production. Moxy is also excellent as an everyday coffee or espresso.

Truegrit is our strongest coffee,  being 100% peaberry robusta. It has nearly 2x the caffeine content of Moxy. It's bold, strong, and surprisingly smooth!

Both bags are 100% Vietnamese coffee beans roasted fresh in Brooklyn, with no added ingredients or artificial flavors.

What is direct trade?

Direct trade means that Nguyen Coffee Supply works directly with the farmer in Vietnam -- there is no middleman. Sahra handles all business communication with her farmer over chat, in Vietnamese. Through this process, they develop a positive, transparent, and sustainable relationship built upon trust and honesty.

Nguyen Coffee Supply is registered with the FDA and works with an amazing customs broker to process all direct shipments properly.

What is single origin?

Single origin means that the beans are from one country -- sometimes that means a specific city or even a specific farm.

What does that mean for me?

Generally, single origin indicates higher quality beans because they are not mixed with beans from multiple countries where it becomes harder to track each country’s production quality.

What is the difference between robusta beans and arabica beans?

In the coffee world, there are two main species of coffee beans: robusta and arabica.

Robusta beans have 60% less sugar and 60% less fats than arabica beans.

Robusta beans have nearly 2x the caffeine content of arabica beans.

Generally, this means that robusta beans are stronger and more bold / robust in flavor. For farming, it also means that they are more disease resistant due to the caffeine.

Arabica beans have less caffeine content than robusta, and 60% more sugar and 60% more fat than robusta, which is why they tend to be lighter, sweeter, and fruitier.

What does green bean mean?

Green bean means coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. So Nguyen Coffee Supply imports green beans from Vietnam, and then fresh roasts them every week in Brooklyn.

Where do you roast?

We roast in Brooklyn, NY at a commercial roasting facility.

Did you know …?

  1. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world.

  2. Vietnam is the #1 producer of robusta beans in the world.

(This means that A LOT of people in the world are drinking coffee made from beans grown in Vietnam, but may not know it -- which means it’s actually a very familiar flavor profile!)

     3) Our coffee farm is certified organic and clean in Vietnam, using all natural biofertilizers.

     4) Nguyen Coffee Supply is the first Vietnamese-American owned importer and roaster of premium green beans from Vietnam in the United States.

     5) Nguyen Coffee Supply is founded and owned by a 1st generation, Vietnamese American woman and proud daughter of refugees.


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