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How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

  • 2 min read
Believe it or not, coffee beans also have an expiration date. While they don't go out rightly rotten (most of the time) like produce or meat, coffee beans still lose their flavors over time. Here are our tips to keeping coffee beans as fresh as possible!

1. Keep coffee beans in an airtight container

Coffee beans, like most organic things, will oxidize over time. If left in the open exposed to air, this process will accelerate. To avoid this, coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place away from heat and sunlight. These are all enemies of freshness! Exposure to air will lead to changes in density, moisture, and flavor – nobody wants a stale cup of coffee.

2. Use your beans sooner rather than later

Coffee is not like wine and it does not age well. You should plan on using up all of your coffee beans within 2 weeks to a month from when you received them. If you're brewing pre-ground coffee, we recommend two weeks as the maximum time to use the coffee by. Can you go over and will the beans go bad? Yes and no. The coffee will begin to lose flavor and continue to oxidize as time passes, but they won't necessarily rot if stored properly. If your coffee has been sitting in the cupboard for months on end, maybe that's when you'll want to consider getting new beans. Ultimately, your tongue will be the judge in the matter. If it tastes good, then great – we just want to make sure your coffee tastes its best!