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We’re honored to be named 1 of 22 Top Artisan Roasters and a 2019 StarChefs Rising Star for delicious coffee.

Be among the first to offer our fresh new product to your boutique hotel, office, cafe, restaurant, or retail concept store!


Partner with Nguyen Coffee Supply and:

You’ll be a pioneer

We’re re-introducing Vietnamese coffee to the mainstream in a fresh new way and the world is paying attention. Stand out from the rest and become one of the first purveyors to offer Nguyen Coffee Supply to your local community.

You’ll have a unique offering

Wall Street Journal calls Vietnamese coffee “So Hot Right Now” yet a fresh roasted Vietnamese bean is almost impossible to find in your local market or cafe. Take advantage of this huge marketing opportunity to offer something everyone loves.

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You’ll get delicious coffee locally roasted in Brooklyn

We specialize in both arabica and robusta beans grown in Vietnam.  The flavor profile? Smooth, nutty, bold, dark chocolatey with hints of fruit and zest. While the 100% arabica is our sweetest option, none of our offerings are sour coffee.

You’ll align your brand with our mission

With rising conscious consumer trends and socially responsible initiatives, consumers use their purchasing power to support brands they believe in. By partnering with us, you can talk about your commitment to our mission for transparency, sustainability, and community empowerment. 

We offer education and training

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or looking to learn, we’re here to set you up for success. We’re happy to answer your questions via email or phone, as well as provide educational materials on coffee and brew tips.

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We help you become experts in Vietnamese coffee

Everyone from Wall Street Journal to VICE to Daily Coffee News has been talking about Vietnamese coffee lately — and Nguyen Coffee Supply is at the helm of it all. Through education, we’ll help you become experts in Vietnamese coffee so you can stand out with a competitive edge.

We promote you on our social media

Building lasting partnerships and amplifying our community is top priority, so we promote all of our wholesale partners on our buzzing social media. We can provide talking points for businesses to generate their own PR campaign around their commitment to elevating culture.

We offer unique drink recipes

Our drink recipes have gotten the attention of New York Times and New York Magazine during our 4 month pop-up, Cafe Phin. We want all of our partners to succeed by sharing our recipes (and new recipes) for them to offer on menus or tweak to become their own.

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This program is selective. Please submit your info below to be considered. 


For brand collaborations and general inquiries, please

email: nguyencoffeesupply@gmail.com