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BevNET Taste Radio: Sahra Nguyen is Reshaping The Coffee Industry Industry

  • 1 min read

0:45: Sahra Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Nguyen Coffee Supply – Taste Radio editor Ray Latif met with Nguyen at a shared roasting facility in Brooklyn where they riffed on their Boston roots and favorite cocktails before the entrepreneur explained the “two-pronged light bulb moment” that led to the development of Nguyen Coffee Supply. She also spoke about why early communication about the company was focused on Vietnamese culture, how she convinced the specialty coffee industry to embrace Robusta beans and how she measures the impact of social media. Later, she explained how she become more comfortable with being the face and primary communicator for the brand, despite being an introvert, the company’s effective PR strategy and goals for B2B and B2C audiences, and how a keyword analysis helped Nguyen Coffee Supply determine the most important elements of the RTD line. Listen below:

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