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Ultimate Vietnamese Coffee Kit

Style: Whole Beans

Everything you need to start brewing a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee. Comes with a FREE 4 oz Phin Filter, FREE 12 oz Phin Filter & FREE Stackable Glass Mug. Full kit includes:

  • 4 oz Phin Filter
  • Stackable Glass Mug
  • 12 oz Phin Filter
  • 500ml Glass Server
  • 24 oz Phin Filter
  • 1400ml Glass Pitcher
  • 12 oz bag of coffee: Hanoi
  • 12 oz bag of coffee: Saigon
  • 12 oz bag of coffee: Dalat
  • Coffee Scoop Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Asaf Golan
The title fits.

I have a pain which I love. Bu these phins were larger and the kit came with other “stuff” which I liked such as the graduated cylinders. I also liked the three coffee samples. So far I only tried Saigon and I liked it. What bothers me is the company is associated with radical political crap. There is a wonderful way to make a good product without being political about it. Business should be separated from politics. Otherwise people will choose to buy Robusta coffee from a non-Marxist source.

Candace Downing
A great new option

I love the kit. I am new at making coffee this way but so far I am loving it cold. The taste is so different than any other drink I have tried. The kit lets you experiment until you find the perfect combination.

Tam Ly
Good size options but minor design flaws

I love everything about the company but there are two minors things that could be improved on. 1. The lid, I also use to place under the phin and add but a little bit of water (enough to just glaze the holes) so the grounds and soak in the water first. Other phins have lids that double as a tiny tray that will catch a few drips if I pour too much. This one (nguyen’s coffee) just sits inside the lid. Which is okay but id prefer for it to not.
2. The white labeling on the glass mugs and pitcher are easily stained brown if coffee spills onto it.

Kelli Wilson
A wonderful experience!

It was a great Saturday afternoon to do my first brew with my Nguyen phin filter and Hanoi dark roast. Sipping the smoothest dark roast I've ever enjoyed while reading a new book from one of my favorite authors was perfection. So glad I heard about Nguyen. It's truly a wonderful way to enjoy coffee. Thank you!

Janet Rhodes
I have not rec'd item yet

Unable to review due to the fact that purchased items were never delivered