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Phin Filter Trio

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A Phin Filter for every occasion. Sustainable, no paper waste and easy to use, this Vietnamese brew tool is perfect for your daily grind.

The Phin Filter Trio comes with three stainless steel phins:

4 oz Phin

  • 3.25 inch plate diameter
  • Makes the perfect single serving so you won't waste coffee
  • Done in 5 minutes

 12 oz Phin 

  • 4.375 inch plate diameter
  • Makes 1-2 servings of highly caffeinated brew
  • Done in 6-7 minutes

24 oz Phin 

  • 6 inch plate diameter
  • Perfect for batch brewing, brunch parties and sharing with the fam!
  • Done in 6-7 minutes

Phin Brewing Tips: 

We recommend a 1:2 ratio of coffee to water. So if it's a 4 oz Phin, use 2 tablespoons. Then you can add or decrease your coffee depending on how strong you like it. Super versatile!

Phin drip coffee is often described as "Vietnamese espresso." If you want more fluids, we highly recommend doing a second pour of hot water since some of the water always gets absorbed by the coffee. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Angela Youngman
I'm sure it's amazing

If I had even a faint idea where it might be I would hold off until it arrived before making a review since things usually do take longer to get to where I live. As it is though, the tracking information has said it has been processed since I ordered beginning of Feb. With no further updates since. Getting requests to review at this point is somewhat comedic.

First Timer
interesting, but uneven

The middle phin filter holes didn't cover the entire area so some of the grounds don't readily release coffee once water is pored. Also that one doesn't quite sit right on cups. Others were great!

Glenn H Teraoka
drip coffee

Product is quality and easy to use.

Walter Green
A good gift

My wife is a coffee lover - good coffee only. She has experienced Vietnamese coffee in Vietnamese businesses, enjoyed it, and so I purchased your starter kit as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Directions are easy to follow, and the result is a very good cup of coffee. She enjoyed the coffee making process and was very pleased with the resulting cup. Good job Nguyen Coffee Supply!

Andrew Howard
Great Gift Set

I got the Holiday set. The filters are great and the coffee tastes wonderful!