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What Does Robusta Coffee Taste Like?

  • 2 min read

Robusta coffee is one of two main species of coffee beans consumed around the world (the other being arabica coffee). Whereas arabica coffee is known for its brightness and fruity flavors, robusta coffee is known for its boldness and nuttiness.

Despite being the second most widely consumed type of coffee globally, robusta coffee does not get the same amount of attention as arabica coffee beans within the industry. At the same time, robusta coffee has acquired a reputation for being an inferior coffee, which is simply not true.

What does robusta coffee taste like?

While arabica coffees taste bright, citrusy, or even floral, robusta coffee has flavor notes of dark chocolate, nuts like almonds, and whiskey among others. Additionally, robusta coffee has a deep and bold mouthfeel that is smooth with little to no acidity. For those who enjoy a strong cup of coffee with complex flavors, robusta coffee is the choice for you!

Contrary to myths about robusta coffee being harsh, bitter, or burnt tasting, robusta coffee has plenty to offer in terms of its flavor. When robusta coffee is produced with the same amount of care and attention that specialty arabica coffee is produced with, the resulting flavors can be unlike what you may have had in other coffees. 

Much like a single origin wine, single origin robusta coffee contains unique flavors from the soil it's grown in as well as the bold and chocolatey flavor notes inherently found in the coffee beans. 

Where can I buy robusta coffee?

The rise of robusta is here. While it has been hard to find a single origin robusta coffee in the past, buying fresh roasted robusta coffee is now easy and accessible. Our ethically produced and sourced, 100% Vietnamese robusta coffee is roasted fresh every week in Brooklyn and available online and in select stores around the United States.


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