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Iced Coffee Hack: Phin Brewing Over Ice

  • 1 min read

Typically, we make Vietnamese iced coffee by brewing coffee and combining with ice separately – but have you ever brewed coffee directly onto the ice? 

A popular brew method in Vietnam already, phin brewing over ice allows the coffee to cool slightly before consuming. The instant cooling also prevents the ice from being completely melted by the coffee as opposed to pouring hot coffee into a new glass of ice.

Speaking of a new glass, this method is perfect for those who don't want to wash another thing in the kitchen. Everything stays in one glass and one filter, making your life and caffeination that much easier.

Much like any cup of coffee, you just brew and add your choice of milk and sweetener to a glass with ice already in it. For those wanting the extra kick, you can even brew onto coffee ice cubes.

Watch our tutorial on phin brewing over ice below.


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