FAQs: Vietnamese Coffee Roast Levels

We’re often asked what roast levels our coffees are, so we’ve assembled this handy guide for all the answers to your roasting needs. 


Roast level: Medium 

Due to its natural bold properties as a 100% peaberry robusta, this will taste like our darkest coffee -- and is also our strongest coffee with twice the caffeine content of arabica coffee beans like our Courage. Grit has 60% less sugars and fats than arabica coffees, which yields a bold and nutty brew.



Roast level: Medium

Due to the robusta and arabica blend, this coffee will have a bold and nuanced profile that will taste more like a medium-dark coffee. We roast the different beans separately before blending in order to ensure that their individual flavors are highlighted and optimized. It also has 25% more caffeine content than blends made with 100% arabica beans.




Roast level: Medium

Our sweetest and smoothest coffee, Courage is a 100% arabica bean coffee that will be the lightest in terms of flavor. For those looking for a dark roast, we recommend Grit or Loyalty.



You may have noticed that all of our coffees have the same roast level! People often associate strong coffee with dark coffee, but actually, the longer you roast a coffee bean, the more caffeine is lost. Therefore, while dark coffee has a strong kick in taste, it's actually not strong in terms of caffeine content. When searching for strong coffee, it’s important to look at the bean type and roast level together. For example, a medium roasted robusta will be very strong while a dark roast arabica will be much weaker in terms of caffeine content. All of our coffees are a medium roast, but because some of them are partly or fully comprised of robusta beans, they are stronger and impart a ‘darker’ flavor.


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