5 lb Bag: Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

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You're a heavyweight champ who needs more grams for the grind. We got you!


When you purchase a 5lb bag, you automatically save 10% instead of ordering the same amount in retail-sized bags.  

Please note: Phin filter not included. 


Experience the Nguyen Coffee Supply Signature Blend

Robusta beans have nearly 2x more caffeine content, 60% less sugar and 60% less fats than arabica beans. A medium roast with a full-body experience since the robusta bean brings the boldest brew.

This blend has roughly 25% more caffeine content than 100% arabica blends.

We roast the arabica and robusta beans separately first, then blend together afterwards. Our unique method brings out distinct flavor profiles of each bean.

12 oz | Organic


Single Origin Arabica & Robusta coffee beans


1500 meters


Cacao, Pomelo, Almond, Smoked Caramel   

Vietnam is the world’s #1 producer of robusta beans. We’ve developed an unmatched blend of arabica and robusta for the perfect balance of sweet, smooth, and nutty.


Recommended brews:

Phin, Drip, Espresso, French Press