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Hanoi (100% Robusta)

Style: Whole Beans

Our Hanoi roast is full of character and evocative of tradition, reflective of Vietnam’s capital. With 100% robusta, we developed a roast profile to amplify the natural boldness of the bean while celebrating a classic brew.

12 oz | Sustainable Direct Trade | Roasted in Brooklyn

Note: Our ground coffee size is fine, dialed in for our phin filters.

Single Origin Robusta coffee beans

Flavor Notes:
Tobacco, Prunes, Graham Cracker

Roast Level:

Recommended brews:
Espresso, Phin Filter, Pour Over, Drip

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Frank Orienti
The best!

This is the Best coffee! I love making 2 servings for the morning, it gives me enough energy for the day and not feel jittery. I really love the taste too

albie c

robusta done right. smooth, strong without bitterness.

Valerie Duncan
My new favorite coffee

I was a die hard Ethiopian yirgacheffe fan for years. The light, sweet, fruity flavor delighted me. Then I tasted these vietnamese coffees and I fell in love with them. I make the coffee in a phin and follow the instructions. Omg...delicious!!! The anerobic robusta... wow...but too pricey for everyday enjoyment. Hanoi is now my everyday coffee. To me it tastes and smells delicious...chocolate with fruit. No bitterness. Lovely!

steve koebler
Excellent coffee, but a little expensive for the amount of coffee beans you get

Not sure if I'd make this purchase again

Excellent robusta!

I have loved robusta since first sampling it in Vietnam. I am always dismayed by reviews from first time robusta drinkers. Please, people, read up on it. It does not taste like arabica, and if you brew up a 12 cup pot, you have done it wrong. Allow me to explain. In Vietnam there are coffee shops on nearly every street. Ca phê sữa đá is a robusta coffee sweetened wit sweet condensed milk, then poured over ice. The amount of coffee is about 75 ml (a bit more than 1/4 cup) before the milk and ice. Then it is enjoyed SLOWLY, usually while watching the people going by. 😁