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Dark Roast Coffee Trio

Style: Whole Beans

For our dark roast coffee lovers -- try the full range of Vietnamese arabica & robusta coffees uniquely roasted for a bold profile.

This trio includes:

  • Dalat (100% Arabica) 12 oz bag
  • Hanoi (100% Peaberry Robusta) 12 oz bag
  • Saigon (Arabica & Robusta) 12 oz bag

We import quality Vietnamese coffee beans from our partner farms in Vietnam and roast weekly in Brooklyn, New York. 

Note: Our ground coffee size is fine, dialed in for our phin filters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Marjon Thomas

Dark Roast Coffee Trio

Dark Roast Coffee… Not Really!

Intriguing beans for sure, especially the around Robusta but roast level is definitely at a medium level in appearance and taste profile. Both the Hanoi (robusta) and Dalat (arabica) are light brown, dry and dust up readily when grinding. Saigon is a blend of the two. Packaging describes as “Bold Roast” which is misleading and more like a “Bright Roast” in flavor. Since robusta has less sugar & fat, I suspect it can’t be darkened further without burning. Not sure why the Dalat arabica is roasted medium level. Would be interesting to taste a blend of dark arabica and medium robusta. Within this group I find 16/1 ratio to be weak flavor with pour-over and a fuller body at 14/1. However the robusta 2x caffeine is really noticed at that concentration. Anyway, currently experimenting with blending in some dark roast beans and getting more satisfying deep flavor. A unique offering just the same. Onward!

Brian Roberts

I bought the Dark Roast Trio as a gift. Haven't heard back as to how much they like it.

Miguel Olivares
Great variation of flavors!

I like Dalat the most from this trio. But all have great taste.

David BUCK
Dark Roast Coffee Trio

So far I've had the Dalat and the Hanoi. I love the Dalat; it is every bit as good as Arabica varieties I've had, but I'd still like my coffees to taste even darker. My favorite styles are French and Italian roasts, and I'm hoping Saigon will reflect that a little bit more.