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Hanoi (100% Robusta)

Style: Whole Beans

Our Hanoi roast is full of character and evocative of tradition, reflective of Vietnam’s capital. With 100% robusta, we developed a roast profile to amplify the natural boldness of the bean while celebrating a classic brew.

12 oz | Sustainable Direct Trade | Roasted in Brooklyn

Note: Our ground coffee size is fine, dialed in for our phin filters.

Single Origin Robusta coffee beans

Flavor Notes:
Tobacco, Prunes, Graham Cracker

Roast Level:

Recommended brews:
Espresso, Phin Filter, Pour Over, Drip

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Carol Reeves
Robusta Coffee

This coffee haha great flavor and not much acid. I really like it.

Joe Simonetti
Hanoi 100% Robusta

This is the best tasting 100% Robusta coffee I've ever tasted, the flavor is strong but not bitter. Hands down the best 5 stars . OUTSTANDING

Karl DeLyria

Not roasted enough for me

Jackson Sternling
My first foray into 100% Robusta

I'm in love and I'm not afraid to admit it. This is a simply delicious brew, and I enjoy it with a bit of cream to get my morning off to a great start. I think the product description is spot on, and I'd happy drink this every morning for the rest of my life.

Larry Gassan
Robusta, done better

Robusta done better buries memories of a derided bean and sloppy roasts. My AeroPress is exacting, as flavor subtleties get lost in a Moka Pot experience. I tasted the unique flavor essence, with none of the rancidities of a mediocre selection. Simply put, it buries the Starbucks burnt liquid mud.