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Designed in Brooklyn & Handmade in Vietnam

Our Stackable Vietnamese Ceramic Mugs are hand crafted by Vietnamese women artisans in the famed village of Bát Tràng, Vietnam. Bát Tràng is an old, established village within the capital of Hà Nội and best known for producing beautiful ceramics. With half of my family still living in Hà Nội just a short drive away from Bát Tràng, I loved visiting this village to admire the stunning craftsmanship, creativity and art of Vietnamese culture. I wanted to share the artistry and beauty of Vietnam with others. So we created this custom mug to bridge our Brooklyn vibe with Vietnamese roots. Cheers to The People’s Grind! --Sahra Nguyen, Founder


Making the custom mold

We found that the standard ceramic cups in Vietnam were very small due to their beverage styles. So we worked with our producer to make a custom mold that would be perfect for a cappuccino, phin drip coffee or a French press occasion. Many handles in Vietnam only have room for one finger, so we enlarged ours to comfortably fit two. Once we had the mold, our ceramic artisans applied each layer of artwork by hand.


We worked with a local box maker in the same village of Bát Tràng to produce a custom box to hold our mugs. The interior silk-like fabric is an homage to traditional tea sets. Our logo is applied to the box by hand, and the entire thing is secured with a little magnet.


Our local artisans in Vietnam are not very familiar with making large orders for international shipment, so we worked closely with them to help them through this process. It's our mission to work with and empower local communities as much as possible. So if you find a scratch on your box, please be kind. Behind the global supply chain are everyday, hardworking people.


As you can see, this was a very small operation supported by the village power of Bát Tràng. Because there are no electric forklift trucks, we were not able to stack the boxes on a pallet. Our producers hand built each wooden cage to support the custom boxes and allow for easier handling. A LOT of labor and love went into creating these ceramic mugs and getting them shipped halfway around the world.


Our boxes travel on a ship from Vietnam to the U.S.. Their journey at sea is roughly 45 days. Once the shipment arrives to the U.S. port, they then get transferred onto trucks and delivered to our HQ in Brooklyn! From here, we use all the tools required to unlock these wooden cages and prepare to ship them out to YOU.