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Amazing Coffee

Nguyen Coffee is a Brooklyn via Vietnam project, so as a proud New Yorker via Wisconsin I already love it! I grind 2 cups every morning and make it in the coffee maker. I have a phone and glass mug for slow days, also from Nguyen. Could not be happier.:)

SW, Maine

Robesta is an excellent coffee. Very smooth, not bitter at all. The extra caffeine is energizing, and not jittery.

next iteration

Not sure if it’s true with other vehicles but the cup doesn’t ft in my cup holder. I love the material but would like a taller, slimmer design….

keep up the great work!!!

Original 4 oz Phin Filter

Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)
Jesse Marie Kavumpurath

Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

Great taste

Awesome coffee!

fast delivery

Gifts well received!

I purchased two and gave them as gifts (the extra filter did not come as stated when purchasing two, so I have yet experienceit for myself). The recipients were both very pleased with their gifts. They both went to your site to learn more about your products. One stated that he would likely purchase a larger filter because this is a conversation starter when he entertains. I would love to review your product on my YouTube channel.

Classic Pullover Hoodie
Anjali Rodrigues

Classic Pullover Hoodie


Glass Coffee Mug
Anne Huynh
So fresh and so clean clean

This mug looks so damn clean on my shelf. I get such satisfaction reaching out for this mug. It's a thicc boy too so hot coffee won't be an issue. Looks great.

Almost perfect

The gasket rolls and I wish it would fit the 4oz phin filter

Only brand of coffee we consistently order!

We love the loyalty blend! It's a nice dark roast, with low acidity. Making a Vietnamese coffee has been one of our new habits since we started working from home- and after having tried a couple of different beans- can definitely say Ngyuen is the best!

The Best Insulated Coffee Mug
Richard Thompson
Great Thermal Mug

Keeps it hot. I like having a mug with the Nguyen name on it. A bit eclectic. Also...and not this review. We bought several Nguyen glass cups and coffee to go with phin filters we already had. Drinking Vietnamese style robusta cups. Nice. I really like the recipes on the website for various Vietnamese style coffees and then the recipes that add a little twist. Good job.

Classic Logo Tee
John Metzenberg

Classic Logo Tee

Great coffee in a nice starter pack

Great flavor and a nice package that you can give to someone as a gift. Obviously clean-up is not as easy due to lack of a paper filter. Also great customer service.

So worth it!

This is amazing! Both the beans and the phin are high quality. Like anything, it takes some practice to get the technique down, but once it is you are all good.

Beauty in simplicity

Moxy (100% Arabica)
Rebecca Jordan
New favorite coffee

We absolutely love this coffee!

12 oz Phin Filter
Kenny Tran
Best coffee I've ever made

I used to make my coffee with a french press until I found out about phins. I hated it every time no matter the brew method. French presses would leave too much sediment, and I found the coffee to be too "heavy" and full-bodied. Coffee brewed from phins taste more lighter, leave less sediment, and are much easier to brew with and clean up. I highly recommend trying one and you can find them anywhere, for usually cheaper, too.

Excellent Coffee

The coffee is very strong and flavorful. It makes an excellent brew “straight” or mixed with other coffee beans.

My home for Vietnamese coffee. Everything from service to product was impeccable and the owner is an inspiring strong woman.


I had been thinking about Vietnamese style brewing for a decade (or more) and finally got on the internet and found your site. And….. found sweetened condensed oatmilk too … have been enjoying phin drip coffee these past two weeks. Thanks!


It tasted great and my friend liked it also


Love this coffee