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5 lb Bag: Truegrit (100% Peaberry Robusta)

5 lb Bag: Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

Cold Brew: Classic Black
Charles Sukhee

Very good, will be ordering again

What I was looking for

I have had Vietnamese coffee before at a restaurant near my house but I could never replicate it. I now have done so.

Cute, but already rusted

I like this kit, but the press is already rusting and I've only used it twice.

Strong and Smooth

Comes with everything you need to get started, very well packaged and arrived undamaged. Coffee is smooth and really strong, which is exactly what I was looking for. Excellent product.

Reusable Tote Bag
Laurie Medina
It's alright! Not as pictured

I was influenced and really was excited about the tote being wider horizontally, but it appears smaller and just like an average tote in width... so it's not as pictured in advertising! Sad!

Great taste

Very happy with my decision to give this a try.
This will be my new go to for now on.

love it

like the way it tastes and sometimes mix it with another favorite coffee to make a delicious brew.

The Original Vietnamese Coffee Trio

Cold Brew: Classic Black
Ammon Tanomrat
Solid RTD Coffee

Great flavor, exactly what I expect from a canned cold brew!

Original taste

the original Robusta taste from TrueGrit makes me feel good

Cold Brew: Classic Black

Great coffee.

Very smooth and I am a coffee snob.

Exceptional Coffee

As the title suggests it made a great cup of coffee.

Absolutely no bitterness (tried press and drip) and deep flavors at the same time. I drink my coffee black btw.

I was hoping to experience some chocolate in the black coffee, but the chocolate tones just weren't there.

Oddly I tried a cup with real sugar and whole milk, and did experience some very slight chocolate tones. Seems odd to me anyway.

As long as you just want a fantastic cup of coffee this one will certainly deliver. My two cents.

Phin Drip Coffee Set
Nicole Tjoa

Phin Drip Coffee Set

Limited Edition Moka (100% Arabica Bourbon)

Coffee Scoop Set
Paul George
Solidly made smoons

Sturdy, convenient scoop size. Not sure what the clip on one of them is for.

Limited Edition Moka (100% Arabica Bourbon)

Phin Drip Coffee Set
timothy farr

Phin Drip Coffee Set

first time trying robusta coffee

I enjoyed Vietnamese iced coffee as a child with lots of condensed milk, but as an adult, prefer black or minimal cream to cut back on the acid in coffee. well, this is the first time trying robusta, and very happy to report no acidity here. you can def drink this black, but improves with a dash of creamer of choice. to me, it is bold, notes of dark cocoa, toasted bread, and mild smoke. excited to try dalat and saigon next!

Dark Roast Coffee Trio
Claire Fuller
Hooked !

Absolutely delicious coffee ! The dark roasts are bold enough, yet smooth. I am hooked !!! Thanks Nguyen Coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Brew Kit

NGuyen Coffee Maker

This little coffee maker is amazing! Quick and easy for very flavorful coffee.

Excellent taste and balance!