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Phin Drip Coffee Set
Johnathan Whitmore
It's exactly what I was looking for!

A few years ago, I went out to a restaurant that served Vietnamese coffee, and it made such an impression on me, it was so good. I don't know why I waited so long to buy a phone filter, but I don't regret it! I've used it quite a few times already, and I've enjoyed every cup! ☺️

Moxy (100% Arabica)


Always so good!

I love the coffee and the phin filter is wonderful! I am wary of ordering the glass mugs that I want because the box I received my order in was battered and crushed. When I ordered coffee grounds it was okay because they don't shatter and break like the glass mugs and the pitchers would.


My first bag of truegrit was gifted to me and since then I have purchased 5 bags AND the cold brew! It’s simply the best coffee I’ve ever had from my drip machine at home. Order some! You won’t regret it!

I love it

Very Sturdy and delicate. I love it.

Vietnamese Coffee Brew Kit

Stackable Glass Mug
Jerome Hickmond

I really like the mug especially since it fits the filter I just wish that it was a little bigger/taller so that it could hold more coffee.

The Original Vietnamese Coffee Trio

It's really cute, but it only works with the 4 oz Phin filter

I didn't read the description well enough, and I have a 12 oz. Phin. So I haven't used it yet, but I really like it. I have to get another one to stack, and a carafe to hold the coffee, or a 4 oz. Phin, or both. I can't decide.

Dark Roast Coffee Trio
Marjon Thomas

Dark Roast Coffee Trio

Vietnamese Coffee Brew Kit
Rogelio Castaneda
So tasty!

I love it! One of the tastiest coffee brands I’ve had. I will definitely buy again. I’ve only gotten the coffee grounds but I will try everything else Nguyen offers.

A worthwhile investment

First time purchasing Vietnamese coffee and I'm pretty mad at myself for not trying it sooner. Very smooth drinking with cream or black.

12 oz Phin Filter
Olusesi Aliu

12 oz Phin Filter

Moxy (100% Arabica)
John Gunkel

Moxy (100% Arabica)

Anaerobic Robusta

Interesting flavor and aroma that is unlike other coffees I have tasted. It grew on me cup after cup.

Phin Drip Coffee Set
Dale Williams

Phin Drip Coffee Set

5 lb Bag: Saigon (Arabica & Robusta Blend)

Dalat (100% Arabica)

Dalat is excellent coffee. I enjoyed it very much.

Limited Edition Anaerobic Robusta
Henry-Tuan Luong-Tran
Amazing beautiful notes

From the opening of the package to the fresh grinding of each scoop. To the last drop the flavor is amazing and coated the mouth with beautiful notes of what true robusta flavors.

Hanoi (100% Robusta)
Chris Bergtholdt

Richness of a dark roast, but smooth like a light roast.

Great Vietnamese Coffee

I wanted to enjoy Vietnamese coffee as I did when I visit the country. This reminds me of my trip every time I make a cup.

Great coffee with cold foam

18 grams coffee beans/medium grind/300 ml water drip … flavor too overpowering for me. But when I made cold foam fat-free lactose-free milk, stirred, and sipped through the foam, definitely the best cup of coffee and making me want more!

24 oz Phin Filter
Mark Donovan

24 oz Phin Filter