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The Original Phin Kit (Filter + Coffee)

The Original Phin Kit (Filter + Coffee)


This is my second Phin from Nguyen! Got another one so my boyfriend and I can make coffee at the same time.


I love the process of making coffee this way. I also love how smooth this coffee tastes as well as the fact that I don’t experience jitters as I do with most US coffee.

Saigon (Arabica & Robusta Blend)

Dark Roast Coffee Trio
Gregory DuPont
Dark Roast Trio

Awesome! Great coffee! Wonderful people to deal with.
I still love the True Grit Robusta as a morning crank up, but this is VERY good dark roast.
Just the thing for friends and family,or to accompany an appropriate adult beverage

Dark Roast Coffee Trio
Chad Leonardi

I have been using this coffee company for about a year now. For me it is some of the best coffee I have had in a long time. Not sure I will be drinking another brand. Highly recommend!

Vietnamese Coffee Starter Kit
Laurel Villarente

Vietnamese Coffee Starter Kit

A very very good coffee

A very very good coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Ultimate Bundle

Lovely Cup

This cup is perfect for a morning cup of coffee. It's light weight and the glass isn't too thick. It's not a very large cup and it's perfect for a strong cup of coffee. Love it.

The Original Vietnamese Coffee Trio

Love this taste, it's very unique

For the longest time, I've enjoyed the flavor of Mayorga's Mayan flavored coffee beans. Most other coffee brands came close, but never quite were in the same bracket. I was browsing LinkedIn the other day and saw Nguyen Coffee Supply, and decided to give the "Dalat" blend a try and it's almost like a slightly "earthier" version of the Mayan coffee. I love it! I'd say it rivals the Mayan coffee's flavor and I would love to try the other flavors.

Life-altering coffee

Fantastic coffee!! The flavor is something you can appreciate if you have been to Vietnam. I like a little more of a burnt acid taste so Ill mix in other beans (85% Nguyen) The result is life-altering coffee. I wish more merch was available and in 2XL. Been waiting 👀

Dark Roast Coffee Trio

5 lb Bag: Moxy (100% Arabica)

Stackable Glass Mug
Ann Marie Hoppin

Stackable Glass Mug

12 oz Phin Filter
Michael Pilgrim
Great way to make a grate mug of coffee

Works well, good materials one piece of advice add something (silicone) to the lit handle, as it gets really hot during steeping.

Even Better Than I Expected!

I've been wanting to try high quality robusta beans because of their potential as the climate warms. We like cold brew and prefer our roast light or medium. I read that Nguyen specializes in robusta varieties that we might like. While the beans I purchased were medium roasted rather than light roasted, we found that a great cup of cold brew resulted -- and using significantly fewer beans, too!

Love the TrueGrit!

Loved the TrueGrit and it is a great start to my day. Got some for my parents and they loved it as well.

Love this coffee

I would drink it all day every day if my body would allow!

Great gift for a student!

I bought the 24oz filter plus some ground coffee as a “final exam” care package for my son - it was a BIG hit. Great coffee, great filter!

Mocha Joy

Excellent body and flavor. We love this delicious blend!

Great coffee and customer service

I ordered the original phin kit and really love it. The customer service was really responsive and addressed any questions I had. Would definitely recommend.

12 oz Phin Filter
Natalie Nail
Great coffee filter

I love this filter. I've used different stainless steel filters in the past that were made of a mesh that eventually built up oil and made itself ineffective over time. The design of this filter involves a series of perforations in several individual parts, large enough holes that will prevent build up/clogging, but small enough to not allow any grounds through. I can see this filter system lasting as long as I take good care of it. An excellent investment for any coffee connoisseur.