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interested and will likely order but...

your website does not impress me. hard to read with constant movement on the screen.

Perfect weight and size

Easy to hold and has a nice weight to it when I hold it. Not flimsy and not too heavy. Very easy to wash. I can't tell you how long it keeps the coffee hot as I drink it up before it cools down.

Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

The Original Phin Kit (Filter + Coffee)

Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

Beautiful gift

This was a gift for my daughter who is very fond of the Vietnamese coffee from the local coffee shop. It came in a beautiful box and she loves being able to make her own version at home.

Keeps coffee warm as a slowly savor it!

Mug is just the right size for that first cup of coffee. I can pour the coffee before I jump into the shower and it's still warm when I get out. I can savor it.


Loved this convenient phin kit. Love how it does not require a paper filter, so that minimal waste is made. I use it all the time in college!!

Loving my new phin filter!

This little thing makes a great cup of coffee, there's very little cleanup and no wasted paper filters. Bought it to use at the office and I may need to buy another for travel.

Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

Original 4 oz Phin Filter

Only way to kick off my day!

I've been brewing TrueGrit every morning for the past two weeks with my chemex and have been loving it! Strong and robust enough that I only need one cup to be set for the day but typically I'll do 2-3 because it tastes so great ;). Keep it up Nguyen team!!

Vietnamese coffee

This low acid coffee tastes great hot or iced!

Reusable Tote Bag
Mya Simone

Amazing bag from an amazing company

Loyalty (Robusta & Arabica)

Original 4 oz Phin Filter
Megan O'Laughlin

Original 4 oz Phin Filter

Perfect size!

This is the perfect filter to make a larger portion of coffee (I drink several cups a day) -- easy to use, clean, and makes the best cup of coffee each time!

Best New Coffee

Of the three blends this is my favorite. It is the boldest of the three and compliments by Starbucks choices.

Good Filter

Love the Phin filter, definitely works as advertised and is just what I need. I haven't tried the coffee yet, because I'm finishing up a different bag but I'm excited to get into it. Also agree with previous reviews that it's super cute (obviously not terribly important but the aesthetic is nice). The only thing I don't love about the filter is that before I even used it, it was rusted. I washed it out of the box and let it air dry in my dish drainer which immediately yielded rust spots so I would definitely recommend washing and hand drying the filter immediately to prevent rust. Otherwise, pretty happy so far!

Great, strong coffee

Best Vietnamese Coffee in town

Exciting flavor, beautiful design, and top notch customer service. I've been supporting the brand for 2 years now and I must say it's the best experience!

Best coffee I’ve had in years.

Strong, beautiful, and above all, delicious.

Good Blend

This blend is pretty good like the rest of that are offered. It's got good taste, smoothness, and isn't too acidic. I wouldn't mind an option for a dark roast though.

The Original Phin Kit (Filter + Coffee)