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Ceramic Phin 001: Collector's Item (Bat Trang Village)

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Bat Trang is a famed pottery village in Vietnam with a rich artistic history spanning seven centuries.

Our Ceramic Phin 001 was crafted in Bat Trang and hand painted by Vietnamese artisans. 

  • Only 30 sets made a.k.a. super limited edition
  • 5 piece ceramic set with plate, cup, and phin filter
  • 100% clay from Bat Trang village
  • Hand painted flowers with indigo paint 
  • Made with 1000% love

Note: Our Ceramic Phin 001 Collector's Item is a decorative art piece. It is not recommended for brewing coffee (the filter holes are larger than normal). However, if you insist on brewing coffee, we recommend placing a piece of paper towel inside the filter to slow the drip.