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Hanoi (100% Robusta)

Style: Whole Beans

Our Hanoi roast is full of character and evocative of tradition, reflective of Vietnam’s capital. With 100% robusta, we developed a roast profile to amplify the natural boldness of the bean while celebrating a classic brew.

12 oz | Sustainable Direct Trade | Roasted in Brooklyn

Note: Our ground coffee size is fine, dialed in for our phin filters.

Single Origin Robusta coffee beans

Flavor Notes:
Tobacco, Prunes, Graham Cracker

Roast Level:

Recommended brews:
Espresso, Phin Filter, Pour Over, Drip

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
love it

like the way it tastes and sometimes mix it with another favorite coffee to make a delicious brew.

first time trying robusta coffee

I enjoyed Vietnamese iced coffee as a child with lots of condensed milk, but as an adult, prefer black or minimal cream to cut back on the acid in coffee. well, this is the first time trying robusta, and very happy to report no acidity here. you can def drink this black, but improves with a dash of creamer of choice. to me, it is bold, notes of dark cocoa, toasted bread, and mild smoke. excited to try dalat and saigon next!

John Knobloch

Robust a full of flavor

Gregory DuPont

Very good coffee, but I seem to prefer the True Grit Robusta over the Hanoi.
Tha Hanoi seemed to be a bit more bitter to (to my taste,at least)and I seemed to have problems getting the grind right for my Phin Filter (a lot of grounds seemed to get up over the gravity press during the pour over/brewing process)-something I never encountered with the Dalat or Saigon whole bean,or the pre-ground True Grit.
I suspect it's more the exact number of seconds in my grinder that is more responsible than anything else, but I definitely prefer the taste of the other varietals (although I'd not turn down a cup of Hanoi)

Stephen Horny

The taste was superb along with the aroma upon opening. All in all, an outstanding brew!