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Limited Edition Moka (100% Arabica Bourbon)

Style: Whole Beans

SOLD OUT until 2023! Text MOKA to (844) 941-4501 and sign up for an email notification to get early access! gone!

Originally from Yemen, the Moka (or Mocha) bean is prized for its uniquely velvety, chocolatey and smooth profile! Our Moka coffee is imported directly from our partner's single farm, where our producer only harvests 30 bags (60kg) / year. So naturally sweet, we can't wait for you to try it. 

Variety: 100% Moka a.k.a. Arabica Bourbon | 12 oz 

Location: Single Origin Farm | Da Lat, Vietnam

Notes: Velvety Cocoa, Pear, Candied Pecans 


Learn more and get the full story behind our Moka beans here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Annie Lee

Limited Edition Moka (100% Arabica Bourbon)

Peoples Republic[an]
Exceptional Coffee

As the title suggests it made a great cup of coffee.

Absolutely no bitterness (tried press and drip) and deep flavors at the same time. I drink my coffee black btw.

I was hoping to experience some chocolate in the black coffee, but the chocolate tones just weren't there.

Oddly I tried a cup with real sugar and whole milk, and did experience some very slight chocolate tones. Seems odd to me anyway.

As long as you just want a fantastic cup of coffee this one will certainly deliver. My two cents.

ho yan ho

Limited Edition Moka (100% Arabica Bourbon)

Khanh Tran

Limited Edition Moka (100% Arabica Bourbon)

Fred Serda

Excellent taste and balance!