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Limited Edition Anaerobic Robusta

Introducing our Limited Edition Anaerobic Robusta! This new roast features 100% robusta processed in the innovative anaerobic method and has tasting notes of candied orange peel, passion fruit, and clove

Anaerobic robusta refers to robusta coffee that has been fermented and left out to dry prior to roasting. As a result, the coffee acquires unique levels of sweetness and fruitiness. The coffee cherries are hand-picked when fully ripened and then twice cleaned by farmers. After 8 days of fermentation, the coffee cherries are sun dried over a period of 25 additional days. After this period of time, the cherries are processed to become green coffee beans ready for roasting.

  • Species: Robusta
  • Preparation: Anaerobic Natural
  • Location: Krongnang, Daklak
  • Soil type: Basaltic
  • Tasting notes of candied orange peel, passion fruit, and clove
  • Q Grade: 85.25

This Anaerobic Robusta is unlike any coffee you've had before!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Anaerobic Robusta

Interesting flavor and aroma that is unlike other coffees I have tasted. It grew on me cup after cup.

Henry-Tuan Luong-Tran
Amazing beautiful notes

From the opening of the package to the fresh grinding of each scoop. To the last drop the flavor is amazing and coated the mouth with beautiful notes of what true robusta flavors.

Richard Lebovitz
Great coffee with cold foam

18 grams coffee beans/medium grind/300 ml water drip … flavor too overpowering for me. But when I made cold foam fat-free lactose-free milk, stirred, and sipped through the foam, definitely the best cup of coffee and making me want more!

Louise Frechette
Fruity and nutty not unlike a tea

Fruity and nutty flavour I enjoyed it

Carter Askren
A good change of pace

Anaerobic robusta is complex, kind of fruity. Sometimes if it sits in my thermos a while I think I taste hints of chocolate. It is a good change of pace but not sure it would be my go-to coffee.