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Working from Home: The Best Digital Tools for the Creative Hustler

  • 2 min read

Working from home can be daunting if it’s something you’re not used to. Without the bustle of coffee shops or even the stoic ambiance of libraries, it can be hard to find inspiration or stay productive (though we don’t think that’s always necessary in a global pandemic). At Nguyen Coffee Supply, we’re here to support YOU, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to some digital tools to make your at-home hustle easier and more efficient.

This first one may seem like a shock since you already have it, but FaceTime (or any other videochat app) works wonders for trying to hustle at home. Calling a friend via video not only keeps you from feeling lonely, but it also provides an accountability partner for doing work and staying on track. Being able to verbally check-in with another person in live time mimics the feeling of working in a collaborative setting– plus, it’s nice to call your friends during work.

Working from home means you’re on your computer all day and chances are, you’ll procrastinate and open up other tabs. Besides having different browsers and desktops set up to separate work from personal things, we recommendPocket to save any fun content for later. This way, you’ll have it in a convenient place, but won’t be tempted to spend all day going down rabbit holes with tabs open since you can just save and close– here’s to focus and organization.

Whatever your creative endeavor or hustle, sometimes it’s just hard to focus. You might have everything at the ready– inspiration, tools, research, etc. – but you just can’t seem to get started or keep going. That’s when apps likeRescueTime come into play. This tool restricts usage of specified websites and apps via self-determined barometers in order to ensure that you can stay focused and on track. If anything, it will compel you to take a break from staring at your screen, which may also help you rebalance and focus on your hustle.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to to see exactly what they need to do and when to do it, look no further thanTrello. Favored by many for its interface and usefulness, this tool integrates project management and automation to make for one of the best digital to-do lists and bulletin boards you can find. 

With these tools at your disposal (and many more not listed here), your hustle is unstoppable. We’re rooting for you andhave your back. Here’s to the hustle.


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