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SightGlass | Phin Party: Vietnamese Coffee, Roasting, Cupping, Phin Brewing

  • 1 min read
A 3 part Vietnamese coffee experience inside our roasting home: intro to roasting, cupping of arabica & robusta beans & phin brewing!

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About this Event

The first event of our newly launched SightGlass -- a monthly series exploring the intersections of coffee, culture, and community.

For the first time ever, we're inviting you into our roasting facility! We'll be taking Phin Party go-ers through 3 sections:

Roasting & Introduction to Vietnamese Coffee

  • Learn some basics about the roasting process, the Loring roaster, and the mission of Nguyen Coffee Supply.

Cupping of Arabica & Robusta Beans

  • In a blind taste test of our most recent roast, we'll learn about the differences between arabica and robusta beans.

Hands-On Phin Brewing

  • Learn about the phin brewing method by making your own cup of phin coffee!

Limited spots. RSVP here.