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Self-Care Tips for Staying at Home During Corona

  • 4 min read

self care during corona crisis social distancing quarantine

Now more than ever, self-care is critical. With such an unprecedented global crisis that’s constantly changing, we need to be vigilant to stay adaptable, resilient, and grounded. We are in the service of one another, and we must protect one another by protecting ourselves. By staying in, we are mitigating the corona crisis and helping to flatten the curve. Being at home for extended periods of time, especially if you’re in New York City like us, can be challenging and claustrophobic. Fret not– we’ve got some tools to make staying at home and self-caring easier and less stressful.


Having a hard time unplugging? In addition to built-in lockout timers that limit your social media usage or screen time, there are also apps specifically for unplugging and looking away from your phone, like Freedom or In Moment. From meditation-centered apps that you actively use to practice mindfulness and center yourself to rewards-based apps that incentivize you for long periods of no phone use, there is an app for everything and everyone. If you need help finding balance, consider a mindfulness or meditation app, like Headspace. If you like games, check out apps such as Forest that plant virtual trees while you’re off of your phone (and then reward you by planting real ones when you collect enough points).

Our 1-step recommendation: Before you check your phone, check your email, or go to your desk, spend 15 minutes each morning doing simple stretches, deep breathing, and reflecting. Set your timer. No app needed. It's simple, easy, and helpful!


Can’t go to the gym? No excuse! There is always a way to workout. You can take classes on apps from your gym or favorite sportswear company. Many companies and fitness trainers have moved their programs online. You can attend live workouts that take place on Instagram or Zoom. You can even work out to pre-recorded videos on YouTube (PopSugar, Equinox, and independent fitness bloggers have tons of videos). The selection is vast for every fitness mood and need. Start small, build your own workout playlist for the week, and dedicate time whenever you feel comfortable to work out. You might have to move some furniture around, but it’s all worth it.

Our 1-step recommendation: In the late afternoon, spend 15 minutes dancing (or just jumping around doing jumping jacks) to your favorite party tracks. Pull up your favorite DJ's live mix on Soundcloud or a playlist from Spotify, set your timer, and just get your heartbeat up. Dance like no one is watching (unless you have Zoom on...) :-P


This one may sound old school, but sometimes writing things down proves the most helpful tool to balancing life and grounding yourself. Taking pen to paper really helps cement thoughts and helps manifest them into reality. From your to-do list to your list of dreams and goals, take time to write out what you need to do to get where you’d like to be. Outside of this, writing creatively–anything, so long as it’s written–can be cathartic and help mitigate anxieties and improve focus. The hardest part is making the time to do it, but once the commitment is made, you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish for yourself and within yourself.

Our 1-step recommendation: Spend 5 minutes freewriting (either pen to paper, or with a keyboard). Freewriting means writing NON-STOP. Even if you have to write "I don't know what else to write right now..." the trick is to let your stream of consciousness flow and keep the hand moving/writing/typing. Set your timer and don't stop until the 5 minutes is up.


You miss your friends. We know, we miss ours too. Luckily, we live in an age with instant gratification (which isn’t always good). Group FaceTime sessions can be fun, but there are other ways to socialize via the Internet. Zoom used to be just for work meetings, but now they're a platform for hosting cooking classes or community hangs. The Houseparty app lets friends connect and video chat with effects and ease of use. Netflix Party is a browser extension that allows friends to simultaneously watch the same movie or show on Netflix with a chat room– pauses and skips sync up for everyone. Who said happy hour in quarantine has to be solo?

Our 1-step recommendation: Check in with the people around you. Ask people (via text, email, social media, or videochat), "How are you feeling? How can I help support you right now?" During tough times, we need each other more than ever and sometimes, it's just the thought that counts.

It’s a tough time for everyone. We hope that you stay safe and well, and know that this will come to an end. Remember to find what works best for you and to enjoy life even in the midst of it all. We’re always here for you with care and with coffee.


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