Listen: Current Mood Podcast featuring Founder, Sahra Nguyen

Current Mood Podcast - Sahra Nguyen Coffee Supply
Creating space for the exploration of self-care techniques and mental models in an increasingly digital world, Current Mood gets to the core patterns and unique frameworks propelling our everyday experiences.

Pulling in stories from founders, creative entrepreneurs, educators, and executives, Current Mood feels as though you've overheard a timely, relatable conversation you didn't know you needed.

Current Mood is an interview series hosted by culture journalist Jacqueline Schneider who comes from the intersection of music, technology, and media.
From host, Jacqueline Schneider: 

"In Episode 6 of Current Mood, I had the honor of speaking to Sahra Nguyen, Founder of lifestyle coffee brand Nguyen Coffee Supply. We covered so many important topics like immigration history of Asian Americans (that shit they don’t teach you in school), specifically from a first-generation, female perspective, what it’s like building a business in a new industry, why “hustle porn/culture” is trash and what recognizing the need to slow down looks like."

Music: Abjo (@abjonian) – "The Fifth Movement"

Producer, Editor: Jarell Perry (@stillmindco)

Art Direction: Julian Alexander (@slanginc), Slang Inc.

Recording Location: NYC


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