Make Money from Home: Tips for Creative Hustlers and Freelancers

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many have found themselves out of work due to companies closing or a variety of other reasons. At such an economically precarious time, many are looking toward mutual aid networks for support when governments have failed to offer any. Others are also opening themselves up and providing direct services for compensation. Are you creative? Do you have skills to share? You can make extra money at home, crisis or not! 


Whether you have expertise in an area or a specific skill to offer, private consultations via video chat can be a lucrative option for making extra income. Creating a calendar (you can use Google Calendar or Calendly) and advertising your skills across your networks can land bookings in no time. For a 30-60 minute consultation, you can charge a flat rate, minute rate, or provide a sliding scale option depending on your clientele, audience, and personal needs. From business advice to content strategy to writing tips, there are a myriad of things people would love to learn more about from experienced hustlers (you).


In a time crunch? Create sellable digital products for people! Instead of private 1-on-1 consultations, you can create PDF tools and digital templates for folks to read and learn from. This requires compiling information and creating the actual files, but saves you time in the long run as you don’t have to continuously meet with others. Additionally, your handy tools will be permanent and can be referred to indefinitely. You can host your files on a platform like Dropbox, and give people the download link once they've submitted payment (using tools like PayPal, Venmo, etc.).  


For those willing to kick up the production value, video courses might be your next venture. People love watching others do things whether it’s cooking or assembling things. Whether you’re teaching someone how to cook or how to write, a video course is handy as it simulates a teaching environment and can be replayed and reused. It can be 1 video course or a video series that people pay to get access to. Get to filming!


Once you've created some valuable tools that people can download or access, consider setting up an automated sales funnel using a service like Mailchimp. You'll need a website that describes what you're selling. Then, ask people to pay and sign up via your email. Once they've signed up or paid, you can use Mailchimp's automated triggers to send out the first email, which can include passwords to your protected files or a download link. 


Creatives who want to have some extra fun should look to running live workshops. DJs and fitness instructors have already started to hop on this trend of selling digital tickets to private events, and so can you. With a variety of hosting and streaming platforms (check out Zoom and YouTube Live), you can host your own intimate workshops with the advantage of having participation and a social environment that one-on-ones and recorded materials don’t have.


You can create your own service and knowledge based e-commerce business with all of the tools above, and offer different tiers of paying customers different experiences. For example, once you get someone to pay $5 for a PDF tool, perhaps they'll graduate to a video course, and then a 1-o-1 consultation. The possibilities are endless. Get creative -- you got this!

Above all else, digital networking and collaboration are important. Sharing and exchanging resources is more important than ever in this time of social uncertainty. There is always a market for the skills or things that you may have to offer, so be vigilant in looking for it – and never be afraid to ask for help.

Stay healthy, stay creative, stay inspired! Tag us in your new hustles.


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