NCS Grind 001: Jarell Perry

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Name: Jarell Perry
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Handle: @jarellperry    
Written by Sahra Nguyen

I've known Jarell since my freshman year of college -- we were both interns at the Community Programs Office. Needless to say, we've seen each other both evolve and glow up through several life stages, relationship woes, horrible fashion choices, and the manifestation of our dreams. 

A singer, writer, artist, and all around thoughtful creative, Jarell's journey is equally as satisfying as his music. I still remember some of his major musical milestones as if they were markers in my own timeline -- because I was so deeply inspired by each one that it left a permanent impact on my memory. Some of my favorite Jarell celebrations were his first major gig in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (we all drove up and got a baller pad there), his first time meeting Usher in the studio, his first major co-write with Chris Brown, and the time he went on tour with Yuna and I watched him perform in my new city, New York. As an artist myself trying to "figure shit out," I was constantly in awe of his growth and so grateful for his shared experience in the creative hustle. Often trading perspectives and stories on "how to succeed" and "stay balanced" at the same time. 

When Jarell launched still mind -- a community platform dedicated to mindfulness and artistry -- I felt positively challenged to approach my creative journey with more self-care, intent, and thoughtfulness. It is painfully true that so many hustlers and change makers often neglect themselves in the pursuit of output (myself included). I was so grateful that Jarell was sparking and leading a much needed conversation around the holistic empowerment of artists, so that the internal work can fuel the external work.

One of the most recent lessons I've been learning from Jarell is on process -- how every step, decision, thought, and intention is a work of art in itself. It's not just about the end product that the public sees (ie. music, coffee), but also it's about the entire experience we create and pursue in this life of ours. For me, in building NCS, it's thinking about things like, "How much waste am I creating every time I use latex gloves? How am I empowering my intern to grow as a leader and agent of change in his own life? How am I treating my coffee beans? How am I thinking about the work -- do I say I'm overwhelmed or do I say I'm blessed with the opportunity to do more?" Process. I truly believe the energy we generate directly impacts the end product we put out into the world.   Follow still mind for more gems here

It's 2018 now and Jarell just announced a major project that I personally find to be the most powerful culmination of his art, music, and philosophies. Follow him to find out what it us, and give him an extra hug for me!

jarell perry nguyen coffee supply

1) What's your grind?

I make music, write words, execute ideas, and help others do the same.

2) What's your coffee ritual, including preferred brew? 

At home, I love making a large French Press in the morning which gets me running smoothly through the rest of the day.

3) What inspires your style?

Minimalism, functional beauty, travel, and my environment at any given time.

4) What's the best thing about your generation? 

My generation has the resourcefulness to make something out of nothing, and the audacity to do so on a daily basis even in the face of what sometimes feels like imminent doom.

5) What are you creating in 2023?

I'm creating opportunities for another generation of creatives at home and abroad. Making a presence in film and television. Writing music that lasts a lifetime.

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